Diane Zbasnik

Board Member
Episcopal Regions VI & VIII
Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota

Diane Zbasnik is the Director of the Diocesan Social Action Office under Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland. Diane joined the Cleveland Diocesan Social Action Office in 2014 as the Director for Social Action in Summit County.  She was the communications and advocacy coordinator for DSAO. Her local ministry included working with parish social ministries, participating in a citywide initiative to address racism and infant mortality, and was part of the committee to found the Akron Summit Community Reinvestment Coalition.  She gives a variety of presentations including topics on Communities of Salt and Light, Sacraments and Social Mission, Catholic Social Teaching as well as opioid additions, death penalty, and the environment. 

Diane was promoted to the Director of the Diocesan Social Action Office in January 2018. She began evaluating and working on a strategic plan for the department. In addition to managing the five social action offices, she is working with the parishes in the Cleveland metropolitan area, is revising the Public Policy Leadership Council for advocacy in the Diocese, and serves as the chairperson for the Catholic Conference of Ohio social concerns committee.  

Diane has a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the University of Portland (a Holy Cross University) in Portland, OR. She has worked in the church in a variety of positions over the past 18 years including campus ministry, adult formation, RCIA and adult Confirmation. She spent 3 years in China with her husband’s job and spent time travelling around Asia, and learning different cultures. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Safety Engineering from Texas A&M University and prior to being in ministry, worked as a safety engineer for 12 years.

Diane serves as the Episcopal Region VI & VIII representative covering Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.