Diane Zbasnik

Board Member
Episcopal Regions VI & VIII
Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota

Recent Member Spotlight

Diane worked for years as a safety engineer, but she couldn’t ignore the call she felt towards the Catholic Church. In 1999, she converted and began working within campus ministry. Following a trip overseas, she discovered the world of social action and began overseeing social ministries.

Soon after moving to Ohio, she became a Social Action Director in Akron. Here, Diane focused on improving her community, her state, and the world through Catholic Social Teaching. In the area of racial justice, Diane has worked for years, putting together dialogue circles to address the entrenched racism in the medical profession in an effort to lower the heightened rates of infant mortality in Black mothers.

She has also worked to connect Catholics to social action groups, engaged in parish networking to coordinate responses and resources across the diocese, developed material on everything from civility in elections to poverty, and played a crucial role in the development of a massive mailing campaign allowing for exceptional advocacy throughout the state of Ohio. Diane says that the Roundtable has played a crucial role in helping her to be successful in her role, and hopes you can have the same opportunity to share resources, ask questions, and create community. 

Currently, she serves as the Episcopal Region VI & VIII representative covering Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.